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We are now at a critical point in modernising aerospace.

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Innovative aerospace accelerator navigating the horizon of the aerospace industry

Aerospace Xelerated is a funded, 3-month accelerator for software startups that can move the aerospace industry forward.

We’re looking to engage with businesses that are looking to scale up and raise further investment.

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Piloting towards the future of the Global aerospace industry.

We’re looking for exceptional Digital Services and Solutions startups striving to advance the future of aerospace.

Our global team leads a programme open to companies regardless of geography.

Please refer to the FAQ for detail and contact us if you have any questions.

Flight & Passenger Journey Optimization


Digital services and solutions applied to the flight journey to explore advancements in Navigation & Flight Planning, Flight Data Monitoring, Analytics, Security, & Safety. Solutions focused on disruption mitigation, improved communications, and the overall passenger experience to enhance the passenger journey.

Supply Chain Intelligence


Digital services and solutions that provide predictive and prescriptive analytics to improve supply chain intelligence. Services and solutions focused on building supply chain resilience.

Next Generation Workforce


Digital services and solutions tailored to maximize the talent pipeline in the industry by attracting the right talent. Digital services & solutions centered around retaining talent and staying competitive.

Operational Efficiency


Digital services and solutions that increase operational efficiency, such as digital factory and data flow management, integration of data systems, or other novel solutions. Other potential areas include solutions targeting improved management of asset/component health, performance optimization, and preventative maintenance.



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Firsthand access

The Boeing Company
Tawazun Council
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