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AX Women in STEM Mentorship Programme 

Welcome to the Aerospace Xelerated Mentorship Programme, a groundbreaking initiative that aims to empower women at all stages of their STEM careers, from students to seasoned professionals, emphasising the exciting field of aerospace.

We recognise that science and gender equality are essential pillars in building healthier and stronger communities and achieving internationally agreed-upon development goals, such as the 2030 SDGs.

Despite considerable efforts over the past decades to inspire and engage women and girls in scientific pursuits, there remains a persistent gender gap in full participation within the scientific community. Our Mentorship Programme seeks to address this disparity by offering mentorship opportunities to any woman exploring or undergoing her career in STEM fields. 

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What is the AX Women in STEM Mentorship Programme?


Aerospace Xelerated will match each mentee to a mentor, who will help them develop confidence and learn while widening their networks.

Who can apply?


This programme is open to any woman currently working in STEM or is interested in a career in STEM. That includes founders, freelancers, young professionals, students, and any ambitious woman who wants to get into the field and build up her network.

Do I have to be in the aerospace field?


No, the mentorship programme is open to any woman in any STEM field. 

Where do I apply?


You can apply by completing the form on this link.

When can I apply?


Our Women in STEM Mentoring Programme offers bi-annual intakes, providing two opportunities to apply each year. The intake periods are typically in October, coinciding with Ada Lovelace Day, and in March, celebrating International Women’s Day.

What is the time commitment for mentors and mentees in the programme?


Our Women in STEM Mentoring Programme is designed as an Annual Mentoring Scheme. Mentors are encouraged to commit to the program for a minimum of 12 months. The flexibility of the commitment allows mentors to tailor their involvement to suit their schedule and availability. This could involve mentoring sessions once a week, once a month, once a quarter, or whatever frequency they mutually agree upon with their mentee. We prioritize a mentoring experience that aligns with both the mentor and mentee’s needs and availability.

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